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Waiting On The World To Change

Posted by Catherine Morgan on January 30, 2007

If you saw the 20/20 program, “waiting on the world to change” that addressed the issues of the impoverished children of Camden, New Jersey, you might be wondering if there is something you can do to help. Well, there are needy children in every school, and we all can do little things to make a big difference in their lives.

One suggestion I have, is to organize a “school supply drive” at your local public school. By this I mean, collect pencils, notebooks, book bags, and other needed school supplies, to be donated to the less fortunate children of the school. Usually the school counselor will know who these children are, and be able to distribute any donated supplies.

This is something little, that even one person can pull together, and make a big difference in their local community. If you have other ideas, I would love for you to post them here. I think so many of us want to help, but just aren’t sure how.

What ideas do you have? What ways have you helped? Let’s start a list of all the ways we can make a difference in a child’s life. Even the smallest thing, is a step in the right direction.











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Posted by Catherine Morgan on January 29, 2007

picture by © ehirschenberger

HAS THE WORLD LOST IT’S EMPATHY? — by Catherine Morgan

We all see the news, and feel badly about the wars, the starving, the homeless, the poor, and all the other sad things we are seeing on television. On a smaller scale, we all know people with hardships, going through divorce, struggling with health issues, having financial problems, and many other difficulties affecting our families and neighbors.

When we hear all of these stories, we feel great sympathy and sadness. But, I think what we don’t do, is feel empathy. To feel empathy, you have to be able to put yourself in that other person’s shoes, and feel what they must be going through. True compassion comes from a place of empathy, not sympathy. In fact, most people don’t want our sympathy, and I don’t mean that in a disrespectful way. What I am saying is that people don’t want us to feel sorry for them, they want us to have compassion and empathy for them.

I’m pointing this difference out because, we need to see that without empathy our sympathy is just a judgement, and being judgemental is never helpful. When we can “truly” empathize with the hardships of our neighbors, our families, and others in our lives, we are then in a position of compassion and kindness towards them. Even if we are not in a position to alleviate the struggle of the person we are empathizing with, we will be conveying compassion towards them and not pity. While your pity is a judgement, your compassion is a kindness, and kindness is what we all need in our lives.

I would challenge you to look at your own life, and see where you are sympathizing without empathizing. Then allow yourself to feel the feelings. I’m not saying that this is an easy thing to do. Empathy, is most definitely the harder of the two feelings. But, when you can push yourself past sympathy alone, you are a better person, a better friend, a better neighbor, and so on, and so on.

On a larger scale, if the world can find it’s empathy, it won’t be in danger of losing it’s humanity.










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Posted by Catherine Morgan on January 26, 2007



Earth 007

picture by © SimpleEnough



IS GLOBAL WARMING REALLY A PROBLEM? — by Catherine MorganI am writing this post in order to consolidate a lot of the important information, and links that have been previously posted, as to make it easier to understand this important issue.

I will start by giving you the links of the two previous posts on global warming, that combined generated over 80 comments.



Now, in no particular order….links you might find helpful about Global Warming.



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Youth groups in US and Canada making a difference.


American Institute of Physics

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I hope many of you have found this information helpful in your understanding of Global Warming. Please feel free to share some of your comments on the subject.





In The End…..Only Kindness Matters

Posted by Catherine Morgan on January 24, 2007

ONLY KINDNESS MATTERS — by Catherine Morgan

Jewel has a song, and in it she sings….”In the end, only kindness matters”. Those are very profound words. I would even say, that these are words to live your life by. Because, it is so true. In the grand scheme of things, we are here on earth only a very short time. Many of us spend much of this time being angry at people, making judgements on others, and generally just not being as kind as we should be. So, the question then becomes….How can we change that? How can we live a more kind life?

Well I think, that like everything else we can’t be too hard on ourselves. After-all, we live in a harsh world, where many times people are not even being very kind to us. But, that’s no excuse either. Remember when our mom’s told us, “treat others the way you would want them to treat you”. Well it seems that, somewhere between kindergarten and junior high, most of us forget this little bit of wisdom. But, I say we bring it back. Don’t get panicked, I’m not suggesting anything radical. But, maybe just some baby-steps in the right direction.

The first thing we need to do is be conscious of our thoughts and reactions towards people. This is important because, if we recognize the times we could have chosen kindness over judgement, we find our opportunities to make a change.

Second, begin actively making attempts during your day to choose to be kind to those around you. Do this in random acts of kindness, as well as in the choices you make with the people in your everyday life.

Third, notice if your kindness is rubbing off on the people around you. Are others treating you more kindly? Are others treating others more kindly? It is surprising how positive energy can radiate all around you, and affect all those around you.

Forth, reflect or journal on how choosing kindness is making a difference in your life.

Well, that’s it. Now, just go for it. And remember, IN THE END…ONLY KINDNESS MATTERS.

Jewel – Hands










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Posted by Catherine Morgan on January 24, 2007

picture © malachony


When we are suffering it is very difficult, if not impossible, to see the light at the end of the tunnel.  But it is there.  You will get through it.  And in time, your wounds really will be healed.

Can something good come out of adversity?  Often in the face of adversity, we are unable to see anything through our pain.  The only thing we can think about, are questions.  Why is this happening to me?  How will I go on?  How will I survive?  These are all reasonable questions, and in the depth of our pain we will ask them, and more.  But there are no answers to these questions.  Only after we realize this, will we be able to go on, and let go.

We should not turn away from our pain.  It is very important that we feel all of our feelings during these times of adversity and heartache.  Denying our pain, or denying our feelings, will not benefit us in any way. In fact, it will likely prolong our troubles.  But, if we look at our situation, and face our problems head-on; we will triumph.

You may sometimes feel like you are losing the battle; but when you push through your battle, you come out on the other side the winner of your war.  That is because you are empowered when you conquer life’s toughest battles.  Only at these times of empowerment do we grow into the people we are meant to be.  Think about that for a minute. Who would you be right now, if it wasn’t for the adversity you have been through in your life?

For me personally, I wish I had never had to go through many of the painful events of my life – loss, divorce, illness, betrayal, just to name a few.  But I also know that I would not be who I am today, had I not.  My past heartache and my past pain, are what make me the compassionate person that I am today.  And in retrospect, I don’t think I would want to be the kind of person who knows no hardships.  It’s because of these hardships that I appreciate every thing I have, even the little things, the things that many people take for granted.

I can now see that my past adversity, has truly been a blessing in my life.  I don’t look forward to future adversity, however I know it will come.  And when it does come, I will have the knowledge of my past strength to help me overcome, and once again triumph.

I hope for everyone, that they are able to one day look past their pain, to find their empowerment.









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Posted by Catherine Morgan on January 23, 2007

picture by © cloud9999


When we are angry at people in are life. When we aren’t talking to people in our life. When we hate people in our life. When we are doing these things, we are weakening ourselves, we are hurting ourselves, we are hating ourselves. That is because, when we don’t forgive, we are allowing our heart to be weighed down with negativity. But, we already know that. So why do we do it? Why don’t we forgive?

My theory is; that we really don’t know how to forgive. I mean, saying you “forgive” someone, isn’t really “forgiving” them, is it? What if there were actually steps you could take to forgive? Kind of a “12 step” program for forgiveness, only with less steps. See if this works for you. Because, when you forgive someone, you are pushing anger out of your heart and making more room for love to get in, and love is what really matters.

STEP ONE: WHY ARE YOU ANGRY AT THIS PERSON? You would not believe how many people are angry about something and don’t even remember why. So get a piece of paper out and write down why you are mad at this person. It may be one thing, or it may be a whole list. Just write it all down.

STEP TWO: THE GOOD THINGS. On another piece of paper write down all the good things this person has done for you over the years. (ie: If it’s your mother; she gave birth to you, that’s a pretty big one.) Did this person ever make you happy? Do anything nice for you? Make you smile or laugh? Be a good friend? Help you out of a jam? If so, write it down….all of it. This could be a long list or a short list, just make sure you make it an “honest” list.

STEP THREE: HOW DID I CONTRIBUTE TO THIS? On a third piece of paper write any way you may have contributed to the conflict. Be honest with yourself. It doesn’t help to think that you are totally without any responsibility in the situation, even if it is just a tiny bit. Write it down.

STEP FOUR: CONTEMPLATE. With all three papers in front of you, take some time to really think how important this person is to you. Are they someone you wish was still in your life? Is it someone that you could never feel good having in your life anymore. Are they family? Ex? Depending on “who” they are to you, will depend on what type of relationship you choose to have with this person after you forgive them. Remember, you are forgiving this person for yourself, not for them. So, if you think it is better for you not to see this person, then so be it. You may decide that for the sake of your children or your family it would be better to allow this person back into your life. Or, you might realize you have been miserable without this person in your life and want them back.

What ever the case is, spend a significant amount of time thinking about it. You have probably spent a significant amount of time being angry, so a little extra time trying to figure out what is in your best interest regarding this person won’t hurt.

You may want to stay on this step for more than just a day. Maybe a week. Or more. It doesn’t matter how long you are on this step. Just put the papers in a place you can review them. You might even want to do these steps with someone else in your life. If forgiving hasn’t been your “thing”, you may have a lot of people to do this exercise with. That’s OK, don’t be hard on yourself, just take the time and do the work, and in the end you are the one that will benefit.

When you are ready continue to Step Five. No rush.

STEP FIVE: FORGIVE. Forgiving doesn’t mean “forgetting”, a lot of people don’t quite understand that. We are not computers, we can’t just hit the delete button and erase our past history. Although, at times many of us wish we could, (me included). We are talking about forgiveness, so you can forgive and let the anger go (for your own sake and sanity), remembering is o.k. though. Remembering might even prove to be quite helpful. You may find yourself in a similar situation one day, and remembering might help you choose your reaction differently than you had before this happened. This is where the saying “learn from you mistakes” came from. It’s not a judgment on your behavior, just a reminder that you handled something one way and it didn’t turn out quite the way your would have wanted. So the next time, you might do something much differently based on your increased understanding.

So, to get back to the final step, STEP FIVE. Now that you have all the information in front of you, and you have given it all quite a bit of thought, and figured out what is in YOUR best interest. Now it’s time to FORGIVE. LET IT GO. LET GO OF THE ANGER. LET GO OF THE PAIN. Let go of allowing this to keep putting negative thoughts in your head. You need that room for positive, healthy, loving thoughts.

Maybe, even take some time to close your eyes and meditate on letting go of the anger and pain. If you don’t normally meditate; Just close your eyes for a few moments in a quite place. Try to let go of your thoughts for a moment. Now picture in your “minds eye” all the negative thoughts and anger leaving your head, like vapor evaporating from a pot, slowly but consistently, until there is no more to let go.

Do you feel better? If so, you did it right. You don’t even have to tell the person that you forgave them. The important thing is that you let it go, it no longer haunts you, it no longer consumes your thoughts. At this point you can either take steps to smooth things out with the person, and start from a healthier place…Or keep your distance if you have decided that was what was best for you. There is no right or wrong way to to do this. The right way is whatever works best for you.

If you realise you just don’t feel any better after STEP FIVE, then go back to STEP FOUR. You may just need more time, and that is OK. Remember….No pressure, this is at YOUR pace.

Once you feel confident that you have truly let go of this “in your head”, not just “in your words”. Once you realize that, rip up your paper from STEP ONE, maybe symbolically burn it, just something that helps you recognizes your accomplishment of putting this behind you. But, keep the other papers from STEPS TWO AND THREE. Just in case something comes up again with this person, and you want to go through this process again, you will still have all the more “positive” things saved.
Well, good luck. I hope this helps you let go of some of the negative feelings and thoughts that have been weighing hard on you. If these steps have helped you, please leave a comment, I would love to hear your success stories.










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The One Thing We Need To Start Doing When We Go To Get Our Yearly Mammogram.

Posted by Catherine Morgan on January 22, 2007


We all already know we need to get our yearly mammograms. None of us “want” to get it, but we get it anyway because we all know how important early detection is in breast cancer. And, for you women not going that should be: Bad girl! You go and get your mammogram, if the rest of us have to do it, so should you.

I’m NOT going to get into all the reasons we (women of course) need to get a mammogram, that horse has been beaten to death a long time ago. I want to talk about something that we need to do when we get our mammogram, something that the doctors and technicians don’t tell us to do. I’m warning you now, this is going to be hard for most of you.

Let me start off by telling you that I had my mammogram today. It was what they call a “diagnostic” mammogram, as opposed to the normal yearly “routine” mammogram. You get a “diagnostic” mammogram when they have found something that doesn’t appear “normal”, also when you are diagnosed with breast cancer, or following-up after a surgery or biopsy for breast cancer. I know “cancer” is a scary word. But, we need to get over it. We all know people who have had, or in my case, who have died from cancer….It’s not a four letter word that we can’t talk about. We actually do need to talk about it. So, to get back to my story; which is also NOT about cancer.

I was sitting in the waiting room…..Did you ever get in an elevator with four or five other people and feel uncomfortable by the total silence? Well that is kind of what it is like in most mammogram waiting rooms, only you are there for much longer than the standard elevator trip. This was my forth visit to this particular waiting room, in a year. Each time between two and eight other women are sitting there in various stages of the process of getting a mammogram. Some fully dressed with forms to give to the technician, some waiting in their little hospital gowns for the technician to give them their mammogram, and some waiting for the doctor to say it is o.k. to leave or that they need more films. It’s an eclectic group to say the least, and for some reason we all sit in silence. Why is that? We may not have anything in common besides getting a mammogram that particular day, but we are all women….Why don’t we talk to each-other?

The last time I was in this waiting room, I was feeling really stressed and scared. I would have loved it if even just one of the women would have talked to me. Not about the mammogram really, just about anything at all, just to pass the time. This time when I went in, I had no intention of breaking the “code of silence”. But, I had a cough, and I wanted the people in this somewhat small area, to know that I wasn’t sick that it was just my asthma acting up. You know how it is now-a-days, we don’t want to be too close to anyone who might be “contagious”, in this case especially if you might be in the room where someone could be getting treatment for cancer already and their immune system may be compromised. So, I did it. I spoke. I told the four or five women in the waiting room the reason I was coughing. Essentially, breaking the ice.

A few moments later I noticed the women across from me had a very pretty pair of shoes on. So, I just came right out and told her that I thought so. Then the women with nice shoes and I began to talk, and before you knew it all of the people in the waiting room were making “small-talk” with one and other. For the next hour or so people were coming and going, and all were being engaged in some sort of communication with each-other. I even found out the proper way to cook Mahi Mahi, and I had been wanting to know that for some time (really). Anyway, we talked, we cried (no, not really), we had our boobs squished (yup), and passed the time in a more interesting and less uncomfortable way than usual.

That brings me to THE ONE THING WE NEED TO START DOING WHEN WE GO TO GET OUR YEARLY MAMMOGRAM. Start talking to each-other, get to know the woman sitting next to you in the waiting room, even if it is just for a few minutes. It will make the time pass more quickly, and maybe reduce yours’ or anothers’ stress about being their in the first place.

So, just try it. Let me know how it works out by posting a comment. Spread the word that it is now o.k. to talk in the waiting room. If you are really daring….Try talking to someone in the elevator too!

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Posted by Catherine Morgan on January 19, 2007


I really don’t like the word “dieting”, it sounds too much like the word “depriving”, it feels too much like it too. So, just to get that out of the way….When I say “dieting”, I really mean beginning to eat healthy for your body. I don’t believe in any fad or radical diet plans. Just eating healthy and not eating “junk” foods is usually enough to lose weight at a steady rate and also maintain over time.

That said….Here are the THREE STEPS TO GET STARTED:

STEP ONE — YOUR GOALS (take some time to think about your goals)

The night before you want to begin your diet, go to bed a few minutes early. Get comfortable and let go of any thoughts running through your head. Then close your eyes and start thinking about the foods you are going to eat the next day (healthy foods), and think about the foods your not going to eat (unhealthy foods). Think about your goal weight, how you will look, how you will feel. Do this for about five minutes or so. That’s not too hard?

STEP TWO — YOUR FEELINGS (take some time to think about how you will feel when you reach your goals)

After a few minutes of step one, begin to think about how you will feel after a week of eating healthy and being on your way to your goal weight. You want to have a clear picture in your mind how you will feel when you are successful. The more you think about how your success will make you feel the better. Since our thoughts are directly related to how we feel, and how we feel is directly related to our eating habits….You can see why it is so important to focus on what you are thinking at this critical point of your diet plan. For more on this check out this post How changing your belief system can change your life

STEP THREE — PRETENDING (telling yourself you are already successful)

Next, after another few minutes just add into your thoughts the idea that you are already at that place. That you are already successful. That it’s been a week and you are feeling great. It’s been a week and now looking back you can see it wasn’t as hard as you thought it would be. You feel proud of yourself and feel confident that you will be able to continue your healthy eating habits for at least another week. Even though you will know that you haven’t actually been on your diet for a week yet, believe it or not…..Your thoughts will translate into feelings, and your feelings will help you create a sense of success.

The biggest stumbling block in a diet is getting past those first few days. Getting motivated to start is easy, staying motivated is the problem. I found that the best way to stay motivated is to get over the proverbial “hump”, those first few days that if you don’t pass are the sole reason 99% of us will just “give up”, quit and consider ourselves a failure at the diet before we even had a chance to get stared. And that is what STEP THREE is all about.

So, take another minute or two and think some more about how you will feel. And this is important…..Do NOT put any “negative” thoughts in you head at this time, if you feel them coming, consciously let them leave your thoughts and go back to your “successful” thoughts. It’s almost like a quick little meditation.

NOW, YOU ARE STARTED. When you wake up in the morning, know you have already been successful, now you just have to continue your success by continuing to eat healthy. It’s easy now, because you know you can do it. Keep yourself motivated with your feelings of accomplishment. Take one day at a time. And each night reflect on your success. Most of all. If you falter, it is not a failure…..just begin at step one, and get back on the wagon as soon as possible.

“Every thought we think is creating our future.” — Louise L. Hay

Good Luck! — Also see: THE ALL YOU CAN EAT DIET

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Women and Heart Disease — Knowing The Facts Could Save Your Life

Posted by Catherine Morgan on January 18, 2007

Women 22
picture by © photows100



You should know that…Women are at a very high risk for heart disease and heart attacks. In fact, heart disease is the leading cause of death among women over 65. American women are 4 to 6 times more likely to die of heart disease than of breast cancer. Women are also less likely to survive a heart attack than a man.

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Can what we eat make us happy?

Posted by Catherine Morgan on January 17, 2007

Woman eating an appleCan what we eat make us happy? — by Catherine Morgan

Sure it can….chocolate, ice cream, mac & cheese, pizza, french fries! We known these as “comfort foods”, and they make us happy, right? Well….No. We think “comfort foods” will make us happy, and that is why so many of us “emotional eaters” also become overweight.

So, if “comfort foods” don’t make you happy…..What foods will make you happy? The answer is: Just about ALL the “healthy foods”……fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean meats and fish, nuts……basically, all the low sugar, low fat, and non-processed foods.

None of us can really change the fact that we are “emotional eaters”. I never did understand how knowing you are an “emotional eater” could make you stop being an “emotional eater”….I think it’s because it doesn’t. However, we can make a conscious choice to re-think what we consider “comfort foods”. We just need to replace the traditional idea of “comfort foods” with what we already know are “healthy foods”. It’s really just a matter of habit.

THE PLAN: Pick four our five of you favorite “healthy foods”, and make sure you always keep them on hand. Then pick the four or five “junk foods” you normally turn to in a crisis, and make sure they are never on hand (another-words, don’t buy them). Now you are all set….the next time you want to “pig-out” because you are lonely, angry, or bored….just grab something from your new stash of “healthy comfort foods”.

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Happiness is up to you.

Posted by Catherine Morgan on January 16, 2007

Birds Africa Kenya Rollier.
picture by © roger_beau

Did you know that happiness is up to you? — by Jodie Foster

It’s actually your choice.

You can choose to be happy instead of waiting around for it to suddenly appear out of nowhere one day and land in your lap. Happiness is called upon and cultivated.

Now keep in mind, this is my personal perspective of happiness. You might have a different view. Everyone has a unique view point, especially where emotion is concerned. But, nonetheless, I like my outlook on happiness. It helps me to see that I am the creator of my own thoughts and state of mind. It is my choice what feeling I choose to have on any given day. This does not mean I don’t go with the flow of feelings, but that I can choose at any given moment to change what it is I desire.

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Posted by Catherine Morgan on January 15, 2007


WHO WILL “STAND BY YOU” — by Catherine Morgan

One of my favorite songs to listen to is, “I’ll Stand By You” by the Pretenders. I was listening to it today, and I began to think about how nice it is to know that someone will “stand by you” no matter what. As a mom, I will “stand by” my kids no matter what…I think they know that (especially since I play the song all the time and tell them). The song always makes me think about how lucky people are when they know (really know) that they have someone who will “stand by them”, no matter what.

Sometimes when we are feeling down, and life isn’t going our way, and we feel all alone…..That’s the time we find out who will “stand by us”. It’s sad in a way, that it takes tragedy, or pain to find out who the people in our life are that will “stand by us”, even in our darkest hours. The people who are like angels on earth to us–Connie. The people who were like angels on earth to us–Becky. The people that pick us up when we feel like we are in a never ending free fall of grief–Dawny. The people who save us when we just want to die–Vicki. The people who support us when we can barley support ourselves–Frances Ellen. I feel sad for the people who have perfect lives and never get to really find out who these people are in their lives. It is truly the one great blessing that comes out of our heartache and pain.

Thats all, just something to think about.

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How changing your belief system can change your life

Posted by Catherine Morgan on January 12, 2007


“Be the change you want to see in the world” — Mahatma Gandhi

Before you will see a change in the world, you need to make positive changes in yourself and your own life. Your personal beliefs mold the person you are, and you can mold your personal beliefs….here’s how:

Creating a New Positive Belief System
By Mark Victor Hansen

It is because of your belief system that you are where you are in life right now. You have created your success or failure with the beliefs that you have established within yourself.

Most people would be astounded to know how many of their beliefs are based on lack, limitation, and shortage – and that these thoughts reproduce themselves directly into their life experiences.

You owe it to yourself to think only of unlimited prosperity, because abundance IS reality. There is no lack, no shortage. There are no limits except for those we impose on ourselves. Prosperity doesn’t start with someone or something outside of you.

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The All You Can Eat Diet

Posted by Catherine Morgan on January 11, 2007

THE ALL YOU CAN EAT DIET — by Catherine Morgan

You heard right. All you can eat. And it’s not a gimmick. How can that be? All you can eat diet? No diet is all you can eat? Well, you are right, and wrong. No starvation or quick fix diet is ever going to be an all you can eat diet. And we all know there is no pill or powder that allows you to eat anything you want and still lose weight. So, what exactly is an ALL YOU CAN EAT DIET?

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Posted by Catherine Morgan on January 10, 2007

Choosing Happiness — by Catherine Morgan

“Be the change you want to see in the world” Mahatma Gandhi

Are you making significant life decisions from a place of fear or anger? Most of us do. When we make choices and respond to people and situations in our life in reaction to fearful and angry emotions, we are choosing unhappiness. From the little responses and decisions in our life, right up to the big ones. So, who cares? Why does this even matter? I genuinely believe we all want peace in our lives. Peace on earth would be great too. The saying; “Be the change you want to see in the world”, suggests that by making positive changes in our own lives, we contribute to a wave that can flow from us, to our family, to our communities, and to the world. It is such a sweet thought. Even if you don’t believe that minor changes you make in your own life can make a difference in the world, there is no doubt that the way we feel emotionally greatly affects our overall personal happiness. How are you feeling about; love, life, family, your job?

If we all just took a little stock in our daily reactions, and paid attention to our responses and decisions, and most importantly noticed when we are responding from a place of fear or anger. If we did this, we could then choose to take more time before we respond to such things, and think them through a bit more. Why is this important? Well, it’s important because once you realize what you are doing and how it affects your life, you can then take the steps to make changes that bring you to a more happy and peaceful place. When you catch yourself reacting out of fear or anger, take a minute to think about how you would react to the same situation from a place of peace or love. If you can’t do that, at least try to find a “neutral” feeling and respond from there. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying this is an easy thing to do. It is by far, the harder thing to do. But, just try it. Start out by choosing one aspect of your life (ie: work, family, husband, etc.), and consciously decide to take fear and anger out of your decision process and out of your reactions. See how it makes you feel. You will be happier, and the people around you will be happier too. This is because when you react to someone in anger, they will most likely respond back to you in anger. Of course the opposite is also true. If you respond to someone in a kind way, they will most likely respond back to you in a kind way.

Did you ever respond to someone in an angry way just because something else had made you mad? Did you ever wonder how your reaction may have caused that person to react to the next person they encountered? It’s a vicious cycle, but luckily it works both ways. It seems to me, that we are all being a change that can be seen in the world. The question then becomes; are the changes we make affecting the world for better or for worse?

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