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How changing your belief system can change your life

Posted by Catherine Morgan on January 12, 2007


“Be the change you want to see in the world” — Mahatma Gandhi

Before you will see a change in the world, you need to make positive changes in yourself and your own life. Your personal beliefs mold the person you are, and you can mold your personal beliefs….here’s how:

Creating a New Positive Belief System
By Mark Victor Hansen

It is because of your belief system that you are where you are in life right now. You have created your success or failure with the beliefs that you have established within yourself.

Most people would be astounded to know how many of their beliefs are based on lack, limitation, and shortage – and that these thoughts reproduce themselves directly into their life experiences.

You owe it to yourself to think only of unlimited prosperity, because abundance IS reality. There is no lack, no shortage. There are no limits except for those we impose on ourselves. Prosperity doesn’t start with someone or something outside of you.

Get the picture yet? Your success or failure begins and ends with you.

Wow! Think about that for a minute. What you think and what you believe determines your success or failure.

Your conscious mind is a powerful thing. What you concentrate on comes back to you -multiplied. Your mind is a source of unlimited, overflowing abundance – and its manifestation into the physical world depends on your thoughts and beliefs. Your belief in the possibility or impossibility of a situation determines the outcome. If you don’t believe in the possibility of success, it’s just not going to be possible.

So, how do you replace your old, self-defeating belief system with a new, prosperity-focused belief system? Start from within. Delete any “can’t-do” beliefs you may have lurking deep inside, and start believing that you CAN.

But simply eliminating old beliefs is not enough. You have to replace them with new positive ones, because something must occupy that empty space. Remember, the Universe abhors a vacuum, so choose something positive to take its place.

The second step is to stay away from the “can’t do” people in your life. If you can’t avoid them totally, then don’t get infected with their negativity. Give yourself a “prosperity booster shot” by remembering that the beliefs and opinions of other people do not have to become your reality. Someone is always going to try to tell you it’s not possible. You have to train your mind to block out these negative words.

Every time you hear a “you can’t – it’s not possible” – say “NEXT!” to yourself and flip back to your new way of thinking. Tell them that you have moved forward, and that old, negative way of thinking has no place in your life. If they can’t accept the new you simply stop discussing your goals with them. Stay focused in your new mindset and become a joyful example of what happens when you believe in yourself and what’s possible.

Think big and prosperous and you’ll get big, prosperous results. Think small and lacking and you’ll achieve just that. The choice is yours.

“Our inner image of ourselves and what we want to accomplish in life makes us become what we were meant to be.”

– Mark Victor Hansen
Written by Mark Victor Hansen – Co-Author of the Chicken Soup For The Soul series of books. For over 26 years, Mark Victor Hansen has focused solely on helping people in all walks of life reshape their personal vision of what’s possible for themselves. Visit for resources, secure shopping and web-only product specials, speaking schedule and current projects of Mark Victor Hansen!


6 Responses to “How changing your belief system can change your life”

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  2. nic said

    The idea of “your success or failure begins and ends with you” has a fault. Peoples ideas of success vary so much that success needs to be defined by something else. What that is can only be the best we are. Did you live your life to the greatest of your abilities for today? That was a success. Did you sense something you could work on to be your best you and then tried to work on that thing? That was also a success. Did you make 100 sales today? Those sales won’t matter if your miserable, if you cheated, if you went against your true self. Does this make sense? I hope it does and would love feedback.

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