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Can what we eat make us happy?

Posted by Catherine Morgan on January 17, 2007

Woman eating an appleCan what we eat make us happy? — by Catherine Morgan

Sure it can….chocolate, ice cream, mac & cheese, pizza, french fries! We known these as “comfort foods”, and they make us happy, right? Well….No. We think “comfort foods” will make us happy, and that is why so many of us “emotional eaters” also become overweight.

So, if “comfort foods” don’t make you happy…..What foods will make you happy? The answer is: Just about ALL the “healthy foods”……fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean meats and fish, nuts……basically, all the low sugar, low fat, and non-processed foods.

None of us can really change the fact that we are “emotional eaters”. I never did understand how knowing you are an “emotional eater” could make you stop being an “emotional eater”….I think it’s because it doesn’t. However, we can make a conscious choice to re-think what we consider “comfort foods”. We just need to replace the traditional idea of “comfort foods” with what we already know are “healthy foods”. It’s really just a matter of habit.

THE PLAN: Pick four our five of you favorite “healthy foods”, and make sure you always keep them on hand. Then pick the four or five “junk foods” you normally turn to in a crisis, and make sure they are never on hand (another-words, don’t buy them). Now you are all set….the next time you want to “pig-out” because you are lonely, angry, or bored….just grab something from your new stash of “healthy comfort foods”.

9 Responses to “Can what we eat make us happy?”

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  2. Excellent advice. When I need comfort food I have a grilled cheese sandwich – warm and very comforting — I use low calorie bread (40 calories a slice) and 2 slices of low fat cheese (30 each) – so for 140 calories I get a nice comforting meal. With a bit of sliced tomato it’s even better! A bowl of oatmeal with cinnamon, vanilla and a touch of low fat milk is also totally comforting. Lady Rose

  3. I love tomato on a grilled cheese sandwich, that is the way my grandmother always use to make it for me.

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  5. Healthful food makes me happy twice over. First the joy of cooking it, second the joy of eating it. Yum.

  6. Stephen. said

    Thanks for your article,I am a Nigerian.

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