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In The End…..Only Kindness Matters

Posted by Catherine Morgan on January 24, 2007

ONLY KINDNESS MATTERS — by Catherine Morgan

Jewel has a song, and in it she sings….”In the end, only kindness matters”. Those are very profound words. I would even say, that these are words to live your life by. Because, it is so true. In the grand scheme of things, we are here on earth only a very short time. Many of us spend much of this time being angry at people, making judgements on others, and generally just not being as kind as we should be. So, the question then becomes….How can we change that? How can we live a more kind life?

Well I think, that like everything else we can’t be too hard on ourselves. After-all, we live in a harsh world, where many times people are not even being very kind to us. But, that’s no excuse either. Remember when our mom’s told us, “treat others the way you would want them to treat you”. Well it seems that, somewhere between kindergarten and junior high, most of us forget this little bit of wisdom. But, I say we bring it back. Don’t get panicked, I’m not suggesting anything radical. But, maybe just some baby-steps in the right direction.

The first thing we need to do is be conscious of our thoughts and reactions towards people. This is important because, if we recognize the times we could have chosen kindness over judgement, we find our opportunities to make a change.

Second, begin actively making attempts during your day to choose to be kind to those around you. Do this in random acts of kindness, as well as in the choices you make with the people in your everyday life.

Third, notice if your kindness is rubbing off on the people around you. Are others treating you more kindly? Are others treating others more kindly? It is surprising how positive energy can radiate all around you, and affect all those around you.

Forth, reflect or journal on how choosing kindness is making a difference in your life.

Well, that’s it. Now, just go for it. And remember, IN THE END…ONLY KINDNESS MATTERS.

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  1. Gabriel said

    I like your weblog a lot I think it is really nice and has good writing in it.

    Please tell me more.


  2. Hi “Gabriel”….Thank you so much for your comment. I’m very happy that you like my blog…..I’m just getting started, so I hope you will keep checking back.

    Thanks Again.

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