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If You Want To Attract Love, Be A Loving Person

Posted by Catherine Morgan on February 8, 2007

picture by © suzy1951

If You Want To Attract Love, Be A Loving Person — by Catherine Morgan

Did you ever notice that angry people tend to attract other angry people? That greedy people, enjoy the company of other greedy people? Just like we choose to associate with people in our lives that have similar interests as we do, we are also unconsciously choosing people that are putting out that same emotional “frequency” as we do.

So, who cares? Well, you should. That is; if you are interested in “attracting” people into your life that are kind, caring, and loving, and not angry, bitter, and hateful.

It’s all about awareness. If you are attracting negative people into your life, it is most likely that you are putting out negative “energy”, and you are most likely doing that because you are feeling negative “emotions”. If you are aware of that, you can work on putting out more positive energy, by choosing to feel more positive emotions. It is really very simple.

Basically, perception is everything. Ten people will experience the same situation ten different ways. Not because it happened ten different ways, but because they perceived it in ten different ways. Just like the proverbial “glass is half ____”, what? What were you going to say? Full? Empty?

If we walk through life unconsciously, life will come to us the same way. But, if we choose to be conscious of our feelings and emotions, we can help attract the life we want. It isn’t an exact science. But, if you want to attract love into your life, be a loving person, have loving feeling, have loving emotions. Just by being conscious of your feelings and your emotions, you are altering the frequencies you are putting out into the world. So, think about it for a minute. What frequencies were you putting out today? Loving? Kind?

The good thing is, that we do control our perceptions. Not much else though, you know how it is, we always feel we have no control over our lives. Well, that is because we really don’t have any control over our lives. However, how we “perceive” our out of control lives, that we do have control over. Not too much of a consolation, you say? Except that we can decide if we are going to be a happy, loving person or an angry, bitter one. That’s a pretty big deal.

Once you decide what type of person you are going to choose to be, then you will know what type of person you will attract into your life. Just like the “frequencies” on a radio, if you want country music, you need to find that frequency. If you want Pop or Rock music, but you keep tuning into the frequency that plays country, well you are going to get _____. Right, country. Once you find the right “emotional” frequency, others with that frequency will be attracted to you.

So, if you want to attract love… need to be a loving person. Start by loving yourself, being grateful for the things you have. Once you can do that, start replacing angry or negative emotions, with positive loving emotions. Choose your reactions to life and work and family, in a positive loving way. When the “frequencies” you are putting out change, what you will attract to yourself will also change.

Just give it a try. It can’t hurt. So you were more loving and kind for a couple of days, no harm. But? What if there really is something to this crazy talk? What if you really can attract the love you have always wanted? You will never know, if you don’t give it a try.

Good Luck.











11 Responses to “If You Want To Attract Love, Be A Loving Person”

  1. helenl said

    Hi Catherine. Great post. We don’t choose our circumstances, but we do choose our reactions to them. We don’t choose the people we meet, but we do choose our friends. We can choose misery, or we can become accepting and loving. Thank heaven we have these choices in our “out of control lives.” Love begets love, just as hate begets hate.

  2. Thanks Helen. You are so right.

  3. What a beautiful formula for living a wonderful life! Thank you for writing this article.

  4. Thank you, I am very happy you enjoyed it.

  5. bonnieq said

    There has long been an old cliche that sums up your article quite well: “Birds of a feature flock together.” As a Christian counselor, I consistently point out that we attract to us that which is within and with which we are familiar. If the familiar equates to having had bad role models as a child, we will attract and be drawn to the same. However, we can choose to rise above our history with God’s guidance; for He is the great psychiatrist. 🙂

    Well done, Catherine. Stop by for a visit sometime. 🙂

    Much love in Christ,

  6. “Bonnieq” — Thank you for the comment. And, I will check out your site very soon.


  7. itssuree said

    Good thought Catherine.

    I would summarize,

    Change your thoughts, Your destiny Changes.

  8. “Itssuree” — So, right. Thanks for your comment.

  9. Hey there! Lovely picture!!! I agree that people of similar energies attract one another, but I believe that we DO in fact have great control over our lives (after all, aligning yourself to come into contact with what you want is a perfect example of this control)!!! 🙂 We are the center of our universe and we influence it in a myriad of ways, do we not? There is POWERFUL control in that, and that is good news, but if we think we don’t have control over our lives, what will we get? More “not having control” over our lives!!! The Universe is always responding to whatever we put out there, and giving us more of that!!!

    Here is what my teacher, Jim Dreaver (, has to say about it:

    “Master Your Mind

    As you become more present in your life, your awareness naturally expands and becomes more multidimensional. You tap into the true power of your mind, because now you know that while you have a mind, you are not your mind. You break free of the box of either/or, black/white thinking. Paradox and uncertainty are no longer seen as threatening, but rather are viewed as opportunities for engaging in fresh, creative thinking.

    Use Intention As A Tool: The key insight here is to understand that what you see is what you get. Think fearful thoughts, and you will create situations that just reinforce the fear. You are learning to see that while all thoughts are unreal, they do serve a purpose: you use them for communication and creativity, for making good decisions and manifesting your goals, or intentions, in reality. After all, everything man-made, from the biggest skyscrapers to the tiniest microchips, from forms of government to programs for feeding the poor, began with an idea in someone’s mind.

    So, be clear about your intentions, what you want. Think of them three or four times a day, then forget about them. Come back to the power of the present, be patient, and enjoy the flow of whatever you manifest.”

    Btw, the glass is both half-empty AND half-full, is it not??? 😉

  10. ndmpoint said

    That’s truly a lovely article. To love someome one and being loved is good for health too. Great !

  11. Thanks “Ndmpoint”

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