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Leave Worry And Negative Thoughts Behind — Steps To Help You Solve Your Problems

Posted by Catherine Morgan on February 20, 2007


We all carry around stress and worries about problems in our lives, some of us more than others. If you are one of those people that can’t stop worrying about all the problems in your life, then this article is for you. Worrying about our problems only adds to our problems, and no amount of worrying about a situation is going to make it better. Letting go of negative thoughts and worries is an important step in our overall happiness. Hopefully these steps can help you get passed some of the problems that have been bothering you, and allow you to let go of the negative thoughts that block you from your true happiness.

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Take some time and write down all the problems that have been bothering you. Write each problem on a separate piece of paper, make sure you cover ALL the problems, the big ones and the little ones. For 10 problems, 10 separate sheets of paper. Do this when you have some time to really get a complete list together — Sometimes going to bed a few minutes earlier than you normally do, can be a good time to do this, and provide you with the quiet time you need.

At this time also write down the reasons for wanting to solve this problem, and what you hope to achieve by resolving it.


I recommend that you start with the small problems, and work your way up to the more serious problems. So, you will be taking one of your sheets of paper, with one problem on it, and work through the rest of these steps. Don’t try to work each step with every problem at the same time, this doesn’t allow for your complete awareness and attention to each problem. Working with the small problems first, will give you a chance to become comfortable with these steps, and help you become confident in your ability to solve your problems.

So, lets go. You are now looking at the paper with one of your problems on it. Just start writing down every conceivable solution or option available for this problem, even the ones you don’t think you would consider. This could be as little as two, or as many as ten, depending on the problem or situation. Remember that the more options you give yourself, the better.


Depending on the difficulty of the problem you are working on, you may be able to do this step in your head, or if it is helpful, you can write this step down as well.

What is a consequence: the logical or natural outcome to an action or condition.

Now, look at each option or solution you have come up with for this problem. What are the consequences of this option? Is it something that would make this problem worse? Or create another problem? If so, cross out that idea as a possible solution to this problem. Continue to consider the consequences of each idea, until you have covered each option.

Try to remember that there will most likely be consequences to all of your ideas. It may be a matter of finding the solution with the least consequences, not necessarily no consequences.


Now that you have all of the important information about your problem and the possible solutions, it’s time to make a decision on what you are going to do. What is the best solution to this problem?

Once you make your decision, plan on implementing the solution as soon as possible. However, don’t discard your papers on this problem just yet. Make sure the outcome goes the way you expected, if not you may need to re-think this issue again, so keep your work. You may even go back to this problem and realize there was something about the situation you hadn’t considered. This is why keeping your work is important.

Well, I hope you find these ideas helpful. You may also want to check out FOUR TIPS TO LIVING IN THE MOMENT and FIVE STEPS TO FORGIVENESS.


6 Responses to “Leave Worry And Negative Thoughts Behind — Steps To Help You Solve Your Problems”

  1. secondchancetolive said

    Wow. What a great article. Very easy to follow and your suggestions are very practical. Thanks for taking the time to share these ideas.

  2. Thanks “secondchancetolive” — I am very happy you liked my article. Thank you so much for the kind words, it is very much appreciated.

    I would recommend to anyone reading this, to also check out your blog as well.

  3. This can be an overwhelming process. To examine so many problems at once and come up with so many solutions can be a quick road to failure. Suggestion: Start with 1 problem, 1 small solution. When you’ve been successful with that one small solution, move on to the next small solution. Success builds success. You’ve been living with these problems or challenges for a while – it’s going to take a while (and maybe longer) to break them and replace them with different behaviors. Small, attainable steps. And record your progress. Mark your calendar (or create one) for every day you did that one small solution. Be accountable to yourself and someone else and you will achieve. This article is a great place to start!

  4. Thanks “Angela”.

  5. YAA Adding this to my bookmarks. Thank You

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