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Who Will “Stand By You”?

Posted by Catherine Morgan on February 21, 2007

This is a post from a few weeks ago, I am posting it again, because I figured out how to add the song to it. So, it’s just a quick read, but then if you want, you can click on the video below to hear the song.

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WHO WILL “STAND BY YOU”? — by Catherine Morgan

One of my favorite songs to listen to is, “I’ll Stand By You” by the Pretenders — you can play the song at the bottom of this post. I was listening to it today in the car (while riding home from my mammogram). I began to think about how nice it is to know that someone will “stand by you” no matter what. As a mom, I will “stand by” my kids no matter what…I think they know that (especially since I play the song all the time and tell them). The song always makes me think about how lucky people are when they know (really know) that they have someone who will “stand by them” no matter what.

Sometimes when we are feeling down, and life isn’t going our way, and we feel all alone…..That’s the time we find out who will “stand by us”. It’s sad in a way, that it takes tragedy, or pain to find out who the people in our life are that will “stand by us”, even in our darkest hours. The people who are like angels on earth to us–Connie. The people who were like angels on earth to us–Becky. The people that pick us up when we feel like we are in a never ending free fall of grief–Dawny. The people who save us when we just want to die–Vicki. The people who support us when we can barley support ourselves–Frances Ellen. I feel sad for the people who have perfect lives and never get to really find out who these people are in their lives. It is truly the one great blessing that comes out of our heartache and pain.

Thats all, just something to think about.

The Pretenders

I’ll Stand By You











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  1. stevean said

    All your blogs are just superb! 🙂

  2. “Stevean” — Thank you so much, that is very kind.

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