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Be Thankful You Are Unique

Posted by Catherine Morgan on March 9, 2007

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5 Responses to “Be Thankful You Are Unique”

  1. Hi~
    I was feeling down today when I stumbled onto your blog.
    Be thankful you are unique

    Thanks it lifted my spirits. Great blog!


  2. Thanks Marsha….Isn’t it funny how something so little can turn your whole day around? I’m glad you stumbled over, hope you will stumble over again sometime.

    Have a great day, and a great weekend!


  3. ndmpoint said

    Hello Catherine, I stumbled into your blog yesterday and today something said in me ,read thru’ your articles again. So I’m here. I don’t know where shall I start. But I start. I’m really an independent/ positive / confident /helpful and caring person. But the person close to me often creating a negative attitude atmosphere towards me. That sends my whole soul down to earth , making me angry and I becoming aggressive and start hating ! What shall someone do at this position ? ( A kind request – pl. only answer , if you like. If you don’t reply , I will not sad.) Thanks dear.

  4. Hi “Ndmpoint” — Thanks for your comment. I am sorry to hear of your situation, although I think many of us are in this same spot often, with people in our lives. There is a school of thought that says, this type of person is showing you something you need to learn…either about yourself, or how you deal with this type of difficult situation. I Think no matter how positive or happy we are, there will always be “curve balls”….and we just need to cope the best we can….life will never be perfect.

    I hope this helped. Have a nice weekend.

  5. ndmpoint said

    Hi Catherine,
    I also realise “A” should NOT be as prosperous than “B”. Some motive is there !Maybe this person dosen’t want someone overtaking and be ahead in many ways. Thanks lot for your reply , precious time & have a lovely weekend. You are a wonderful person!

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