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Beauty Is Hidden In The Midst Of Any Darkness, Try To Find It

Posted by Catherine Morgan on March 14, 2007

Beauty Is Hidden In The Midst Of Any Darkness
picture by © jeanemiller1

Find Your Way Out Of The Darkness — by Catherine Morgan 

Challenge yourself to see past the darkness in your life, and find the beauty. Walk through your life today, just a little slower, and just a little more aware. How you see your life is ultimately up to you; if you see yourself as sad, then you are sad. When there is no light at the end of your tunnel, it is because you are choosing not to see it. Just remember that the darkness can not exist without the light, darkness is simply the ying to the lights yang. So, if you are having one of those “dark nights of the soul”, know that when you are ready, you can choose to let the light back in.


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7 Responses to “Beauty Is Hidden In The Midst Of Any Darkness, Try To Find It”

  1. DSvT said

    I choose to switch off my light. I need dark night to think. I really need it.

  2. […] Catherine write something about Darkness (beauty-is-hidden-in-the-midst-of-any-darkness-try-to-find-it) […]

  3. Hi “DSvT” — I agree, we do need our dark nights, and time to feel them…..we just also need to know when it is time to walk out into the light as well.

    Thanks for your comment. Be well.

  4. om said

    i just love your posts ~ everytime!
    i am unable to use my legs due to a spinal cord injury ~ and i was fighting this heavy “oh, poor me, life is soooo hard” feeling the other day, when i turned on the tv.
    “…and this girl has learned to use the limbs she DOES have…” was the exact thing the tv was saying.
    it was a story about a girl who lost both arms to the shoulder, and it showed her brushing her teeth with her feet!
    yeah, i can say that day … that moment ~ i learned to see the light instead of the darkness.
    truly, we are always one thought away from gratitude or depression. it’s not about circumstances but about a simple choice on our part!
    thanks for the continual reminders 😀

  5. Your post is very true. It’s very uplifting. And it’s very powerful.

    Thank you 🙂

  6. “Sarah” — Thank you so much for sharing your inspirational story, I think anyone reading your comment will feel extremely touched by it, as I did.

    I just got done posting a really beautiful video of inspirational quotes set to music, I think you may like it.

  7. “Jim Kitzmiller” — Thank you for your comment, I am very happy that you liked the post.

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