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New Study Shows Chest Compressions Most Important Part Of CPR – Would You Be More Willing To Learn CPR Now?

Posted by Catherine Morgan on March 17, 2007

A man is given CPR. Chest compression — not mouth-to-mouth resuscitation — seems to be the key in helping someone recover from cardiac arrest, according to new research that further bolsters advice from heart experts. (AP GRAPHIC)

Have People Been Reluctant To Learn CPR Because They Didn’t Want To Put Their Mouth To A Stranger? Would you be more willing to learn CPR now?

A new study shows that compressions are much more important in saving a life with CPR, than breaths are. It is more important to continue chest compressions, than it is to take the time to stop and do mouth to mouth resuscitation on someone who’s heart has stopped. It is believed that roughly 9 out of 10 cardiac arrest victims die before they get to the hospital, this is partly because they don’t get CPR. Will more people be willing to learn CPR and possibly save a life, if they don’t think they will have to put their mouth on a strangers? I guess only time will tell, as a nurse I hope the answer is yes.

If you want to learn CPR, you can go to The American Heart Association web-site.

Read article about how chest compressions are more important than breaths, in saving a life with CPR.



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