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Can The Problem Of Homelessness Ever Be Solved? I Found Someone Who Thinks It Can Be — What Do You Think?

Posted by Catherine Morgan on April 2, 2007

I posted this on my political blog, but thought it was also relevant for this site.


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This is from a post at My Errant Mind titled No More Homeless In America: It Can Be Done, Here Is How.

Recognizing Homelessness Is Not A Simple Issue

The way you eliminate homelessness as a social condition is multi-faceted. It is not merely a matter of shelter. That is the first thing that must be understood.

It is not a matter of mental health issues and addictions alone, nor of finances or any other condition alone. Homelessness is a condition brought about by a variety of factors, and every individual situation is not the same. The end state, however, is.

There is a way to end this. The solution is right in front of us and ready-made, if we as a society have the desire and fortitude to pursue it. It is society itself—as a concept.

Providing The Homeless With A Home: Decommissioned Military Bases

I will not make this any longer than it needs to be, so I am going to get straight to my proposed solution. We can end homelessness by providing those who are homeless with a home. And I mean home in an all-encompassing sense, not just a shelter.

We provide them with a home that offers them solutions to the myriad of issues that all homeless individuals must cope with. We can provide a society in which they can begin the climb back from despair and poverty. How? We simply make use of existing resources that we have.

We turn decommissioned military bases into communities where the homeless can begin to embrace being part of a society again as the first step towards becoming independent and regaining their dignity and self-respect.

The Infrastructure Is Already In Place

Decommissioned military bases are in effect pre-built communities. They have barracks and other forms of housing. They have Post Exchanges (PX’s) which are set up as stores, and they have bowling alleys and basketball courts and many office buildings and facilities for repair and maintenance already set up.

These decommissioned military bases have utilities—water, electricity, fueling stations, and the ability to accommodate upgrades and retrofits. They have streets, they have defined boundaries, the basics of what any small community would have.

Cost Is Lowest For A Comprehensive Solution

Because of the existing infrastructure and land and housing, the cost of this solution would automatically be lower than any other all-encompassing solution. Not just for the initial implementation of it, but for the maintenance of it as well.

You see, these communities could be turned into self-sufficient ones, that grow their own food, even raise livestock, and provide their own services. Government employees would staff these communities as trainers, and policing could be provided by military personnel. Think of them as gated communities……………………….

These are excerpts from this article………..READ MORE FROM No More Homeless In America

……………………………………………………………………………Many problems could be addressed with this simple solution. It merely takes a society with the will to implement it to make it work, and some compassionate and caring workers to help see it through to fruition.

Any potential downsides would be more than offset by the good. Imagine that if there were teens in abusive family situations and the Department of Human Services failed to help them—as we have seen time and time again—they would have a place to go. It need not be just for those who are homeless due to misfortune, addictions, a fire that burned down their home, or bankruptcy. Victims of domestic violence or sexual abuse would have a safe place to go and get on their feet.

It is just a matter of shifting our thinking that it is better to ignore a problem as long as it does not affect us, to one that says it is better to do something positive.

There is much more to this article, including additional insight on this proposed solution in the comment section of My Errant MindNo More Homeless In America.


POLITICALLY RELEVANT MUSIC VIDEO TO THE SONG BRIDGE OVER TROUBLED WATER – by Simon and Garfunkle — You will really be touched by this video, it is worth a listen.


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9 Responses to “Can The Problem Of Homelessness Ever Be Solved? I Found Someone Who Thinks It Can Be — What Do You Think?”

  1. This solution is brilliant!

  2. I think so too.

  3. helenl said

    Good post, Catherine. At least a starting place.

  4. Thanks Helen.

  5. Interesting post, with an idea which has some merit.

    A side bar – have you ever read, “The Live Under our Feet”. It’s a must read if you haven’t, and deals with the subculture of people who live in the “catacombs” of NYC’s subway system.

  6. I forgot to say, what about the next step, making them financially independent? I’m all for the government lending a helping hand, but would it not be better to develop a long term solution to stop the cyclical nature of poverty/homelessness. More than a band-aid is needed.

  7. “Avoicefreason” — Hi, thanks for the comments, I’m glad you like the post. But, the real credit goes to the author of the complete article at:
    If you haven’t read the whole article, you really should. Sean does go in depth about his ideas for a long term solution regarding financial independence. You should check out his post, as well as the comments, he has a lot of information, and a lot of interesting ideas.

    And, I will have to look into the book you mentioned, it sounds very interesting. Thanks again.

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