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Attention Presidential Candidates — What will you do for the American people?

Posted by Catherine Morgan on May 14, 2007

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Attention Presidential Candidates — What will you do for the American people?

An Open Letter To All Presidential Candidates

By Catherine Morgan

TO: All Presidential Candidates And Their Campaign Managers.

REGARDING: A Political Strategy That Could Win The Election, While Regaining The Trust Of The American People.

FROM: A Mom Who Cares About America.

All this talk about the millions of dollars being raised by the Presidential candidates really got me thinking……Are these campaign managers really getting the most “bang” for their “buck”? And, is any of this money contributing to the overall welfare of the American people?

Campaign reform is obviously not working. More and more money to political campaigns is coming from corporate lobbies, hoping to have policy written in their favor. Just two examples of this would be; the Pharmaceutical Lobbies and the Oil & Gas Lobbies. As much as I hate it, I don’t see any sign of this practice stopping. So, for the sake of stopping “chasing our tales” on this one….let’s just “throw in the towel”. Let the politicians raise as much money as they want from all willing to fund them. . . . . . . . . .

. . . . . . . Just imagine how much positive press a candidate would receive from all media (press, television, internet, etc), by using their money to actually, “put their money where their mouth is”. They could go all around the country and use this campaign money to set-up scholarship programs, feed the hungry, give medical insurance to kids slipping through the cracks….BASICALLY, USE THE MONEY TO HELP THE PEOPLE….the sky is the limit. Of course they will also be using these opportunities to create positive press for themselves, as well as talk about their campaign. But to what end? Helping people that need it? Or flushing it down the toilet making attack ads? Which candidate do you think the American people would vote for?. . . . . . . . May the person who cares about the American people the most, WIN. read my full post at


Also See: Interactive Federal Budget Pie Chart — See where federal funds are going now, and then adjust the budget to how you would allocate the money…and then compare.


9 Responses to “Attention Presidential Candidates — What will you do for the American people?”

  1. goldenferi said

    This so needs to be addressed. When will the people of this country be a top priority and not lining to pockets of the rich. When children can’t get healthcare and old people must starve to get their medication when does it stop. “Patient controlled” healthcare benefits is the latest in a long line of ways people are being pushed aside.

  2. I wish this would be addressed by the candidates. However, I haven’t heard from anyone yet.

    Thanks for the comment.

  3. axinia said

    Wonderful and touchy!
    The topic is unfortunately evergrowing, and I guess in all the countries. And one can say nothign changes. But it will!
    As soon as we create a theme on that in a collective consciousness, it will start working! – and such letters do help.
    Thank you!

  4. BTW Catherine don’t forget to update us on your…oh..did I just see that.

    Oh sorry I was distracted, I just saw a horror thriller movie starring, Dane Cook?! What??

    Anyway, don’t forget to update us on the weight loss situation.

  5. “Totaltransformation” — Hey there. Don’t worry…I won’t forget to give you an update on my weight loss project. I was thinking of making it a once a week “official” update on the site (since I started on Monday, I was going to try to keep it up each Monday).

    However, feel free to touch base with me any time for an “unofficial” update. Especially since I feel you are also my “unofficial-weight-loss-cyber-buddy”.

    Anyway, since I thought to start this diet on the spur-of-the-moment. I wasn’t able to do the one thing I always do when I go on a diet…go shopping and not buy any ice-cream I like. I always have to have ice-cream in the house for the kids, and as long as it is a flavor I don’t like, I have no problem. However, we currently have mint chocolate-chip…one of my favorites. And, I have to confess I have been dabbling in it along with my daughter. Although, usually I dabble with her and then again late at night before I go to bed…but thanks to you I haven’t been doing that.

    I also know I am doing one other thing I shouldn’t be. Ordinarily, I like to have (homemade, with low salt broth) soup with a bunch of veggies and brown rice. I read somewhere that soup is good because it takes a while to eat and fills you up, and I think it helped on my last diet…(I had lost over 10 pounds back in January…but then I had a huge set-back with my asthma. Luckily, I didn’t gain all of the weight back…just most of it). Well, to get back to the soup. My dad was visiting last week and he eats a lot of soup, he brought a bunch of his Lipton Chicken Noodle (you know, the one that comes in a dry packet, and you add water)…and it has enough salt in it to fill the ocean. When he left he still had two packets of the soup so I thought I would add some veggies (no rice since it already had noodles) and make some for myself. I knew I really shouldn’t be eating it because it is so high in sodium. But, I still ate it. It actually made so much that I have been eating it for about the last four days…there is still one little bowl left of it in the fridge.

    So these have been my two mistakes…otherwise I think I am doing o.k. — Although, I only lost just under a pound. But it has been just two days…once I stop eating the Lipton soup and ice cream, I think I will have much better results. I’m hoping that will be today…I’m going to try and get my kids to finish up the mint chocolate chip ice-cream…and I’m not going to eat anymore high sodium soup…I’m going to make my own.

    Anyway, that’s it…the “unofficial” update. How are you doing?

  6. “mint chocolate-chip”

    That is my favorite flavor too!

    But my wife and I had an idea recently. Well I had it and she agreed to it.

    We are thinking of purchasing an ice cream maker and making our own ice cream from milk and organic sugar. We would mix in the uber-healthy dark chocolate crumbles and blueberries too.

    And of course manage our portion sizes.

  7. BTW if you cant be trusted you might want to try out some of their product

    I recommend the dark chocolate bar with blueberries.

    Their products are carried and Wal-mart and most grocery store chains.

  8. Oh, and I forgot to answer your question.

    173.8 this morning. Only 13 lbs from my goal (and 33 lbs lost thus far).

  9. That is really great…only 13 more to go. You must be feeling great…good for you!

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