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Dieting — A Plan To Take It Five Pounds At A Time

Posted by Catherine Morgan on May 14, 2007

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After being sick for several weeks with my asthma, I found (as I aways do), that I have gained some weight. Since I was already somewhat higher than what my “ideal” weight is, the extra pounds are really bothering me. I also have a big BlogHer Conference coming up in July, and I really want to try to look (and feel) my best. I usually don’t like to “diet”. Usually I like to just change my eating habits and the weight loss simply follows…and this is usually all I need to do to be successful.

But, since I am blogging anyway, I thought I might have more success if I did as I have seen other bloggers do. Many put their diet goals on their blog, and keep readers updated on their progress. From what I have seen, this strategy seems to work well. I am especially impressed with my online friend “TotalTransformation“, and today when I checked out his site I found something very interesting. It’s a weight loss “ticker”, that can be put on your blog to keep track of your progress. Just what I need.

This is what I am going to do. I believe small goals are the best. Because, whenever you meet a goal you feel good about yourself, and when you feel good about yourself, it is easier to meet your goals. So, along with following my healthy eating plan, I am going to Take Five Pounds at a Time. I’m not making a larger goal. Instead I will meet my five pound goal by taking one day at a time. When I meet my goal, I will assess my need to continue (based on how close I am to my “ideal” weight, how I am feeling, and my medical condition). If I decide to continue, I will set another goal of five pounds. And so on.

I will also ad the weight loss “ticker” from to my blog, and I will give updates on my success periodically. In addition, I will post other blogs or sites that are devoted to healthy eating and dieting, that I find helpful. Starting with, The Diet Pulpit…I like this site a lot.

So, this is it…Five Pounds at a Time…starting today.

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14 Responses to “Dieting — A Plan To Take It Five Pounds At A Time”

  1. I’ve found my best goals were related to short periods of time. For example, two-weeks of healthy eating and exercising three to four times each week. I do often set weight based goals, but I am much more liberal with allowing myself to miss them. But when it comes to goals on eating healthy and exercising, I hold myself to my goals.

  2. Hi “Totaltransformation” —

    I wish I could exercise too. Ideally, diet and exercise is the best way to lose weight and be more healthy overall. Unfortunately, because of my medical condition I am virtually unable to exercise (other than swimming occasionally). That is why it is so important for me to focus on eating healthy, and avoiding the high fat and high sugar foods. Hopefully I will be as successful as you have been.

  3. What about calisthenics? Can you do those?

    And I wouldn’t worry too much. While exercise plus diet can be great weight loss, diet alone ain’t too shabby. Especially if you are serious about eating healthy.

  4. I read your “Healthy Eating Plan” page and it sounds spot on. If I could drop a few extra tips though.

    1) Don’t forget to drink lots of water. Not only does it help your body run at peak efficiency, but it fills you up and helps you take in less calories overall.

    2) I love to end my day (an hour or two after dinner) with either (sometimes both) a cup of green tea (jasmine peach flavor for me) and/or a good low calorie fiber drink mix (Metamucil is the one I use). The green tea gives you metabolism a boost and the fiber drink will help you feel full so you won’t feel as much need to snack after dinner.

    3) Smaller plate size usually equals less consumed. We are often visual eaters. If we see a full plate, once that plate is finished we think we are full. So replacing the usual 11 inch plate with a smaller 9 inch plate will give you the visual of fullness with far less food on the plate.

    4) I would also suggest you get a ball park figure of your body’s daily caloric need (as well as the amount you need to cut to lose X lbs/week). Once you know that you don’t need to cut calories, but ballpark in your mind the amount of calories you consume and try to stay within about 200-300 calories of your goal. (You can find a link the that kind of calculator on my blog page at the following address)

    Hope these help.

    I have a few more tips if you are interested. For now I’ve already taken up enough comment space.

  5. “Totaltransformation” —

    “The green tea gives you metabolism a boost and the fiber drink will help you feel full so you won’t feel as much need to snack after dinner.”

    This is a great idea, I was just sitting here thinking I want something to snack on…I think I will try this suggestion instead.

    All of your tips are great…I will check out your link soon…first I must have some tea…and I know I have orange Metamucil somewhere.

    I hope you will continue to leave me tips…You never have to feel you are taking up too much space. I really appreciate all the help I can get, and I am sure others that will read this post will be equally appreciative.


  6. Well here is one more tip. At night, after your tea and Metamucil, go ahead and brush your teeth. Most people wait until right before bed. However, I’ve found that between my own laziness (not wanting to brush again) and some other unexplainable factor, my cravings are done for the night.

  7. Great idea…I’m going to start doing that.

  8. Rick said

    Interesting concept! I started for the purpose of providing a sense of community and some accountability for food choices during weight loss. It’s been a great way to lose my 38 pounds so far.

  9. That’s great Rick — I’ll have to check it out.

  10. And…to anyone wondering about my progress. I will be doing an update every Monday. So tomorrow I will be getting on the scale, and letting you know how I’ve been doing.

  11. Good luck! Five pounds at a time is a great way to do this. Are you reading The Beck Diet Solution? She suggests 5-pound goals.

  12. Thanks for the support. I’m not reading The Beck Diet…but maybe I will check it out. Thanks.

  13. Lady Rose said

    Catherine for exercise have you tried tai chi (very gentle and helps the body have more energy (chi) too? It does not strain the body at all. Or perhaps a gentle yoga. I am enjoying my fluidity — but need to use is a few more times before I can write a decent review. It is a bar (very stable) with exercises to stretch and strengthen but doesn’t require jumping around or anything.

    Thank you for the kind words about The Diet Pulpit! 🙂

  14. I do have some yoga DVDs that I thought I might try…but when I moved last year we somehow lost the remote for the DVD player…and it doesn’t seem to work without it. I guess I will have to bite the bullet and get another one.

    Thanks for the tip “Lady Rose”.

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