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Update – A Plan To Take It Five Pounds At A Time (a diet)

Posted by Catherine Morgan on May 21, 2007

UPDATE – TAKING FIVE POUNDS AT A TIME (a diet) – by Catherine Morgan

As promised, this is my first weekly update on how I am doing on my “Taking Five Pounds at a Time” – Diet.

Well, it started off rough. My goal was to stop eating sugar (cookies, cake, candy, etc). When I do this, I find dieting much easier. Basically, I’m about 90% there – In the beginning of the week I had some ice-cream, and Saturday I had a couple gummie-bears. Otherwise, I am trying to eat more healthy foods…but at this point not limiting the quantity of healthy food. I need to get over my “no sugar” hump before I start depriving myself of other calories.

A few of the things I have been doing is; eating oatmeal at least once a day, drinking plenty of water and green tea, eating more vegetables, and not eating before I go to bed. I also got some great tips from a fellow cyber-dieter that I would like to share…

This is number two of four tips — to see all tips go to original post – comments

2) I love to end my day (an hour or two after dinner) with either (sometimes both) a cup of green tea (jasmine peach flavor for me) and/or a good low calorie fiber drink mix (Metamucil is the one I use). The green tea gives you metabolism a boost and the fiber drink will help you feel full so you won’t feel as much need to snack after dinner.

I also decided to take my own advice from a recent post on BlogHer to do a Spring Cleaning of the Fridge.

To spite my shaky start, I did manage to lose two pounds. I probably would have lost more if I had been more radical about the diet…but I know I will do better if I don’t feel like I am deprived. I know I can stay on this diet longer if I feel like I am just making healthy food choices, with the benefit of losing weight. For that reason my attitude after this first week is…

I know I could have done better, but I am happy that I have made some positive changes, and lost two pounds. I feel more confident in my ability to make better food choices, and my ability to stick to this diet. My goals for the upcoming week it to get (refined) sugar totally out of my diet, continue to eat healthy foods, and do a Spring Cleaning of my fridge.

Thanks to everyone who is leaving comments and tips in support of my diet, I really appreciate it. Knowing you are all pulling for me is very helpful. I may do some un-official updates in comment, but I will have another “official” update this time next week.

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4 Responses to “Update – A Plan To Take It Five Pounds At A Time (a diet)”

  1. Two pounds is healthy, especially since your goal is five pounds.

    Thanks for the link and citation. I stopped by to check in on you. And now I am commenting to congratulate you.

    BTW, to fill that sugar craving, try some Coca Via dark chocolate bars or their dark chocolate covered almonds. Both are mucho tasty.

  2. Thanks “Totaltransformation” — The only problem with the dark chocolate is that I can’t stop at one bite. But, I’ll give it a try.

  3. littlepatti said

    You are off to a good start. I have been on a diet since 1958. On the most recent one, I’m taking it 30 lbs at a time. So far 23.
    This is the easiest diet I have ever tried- I designed it myself.
    I don’t eat: Potatoes, Rice, Bread, Cereal (except oatmeal), Fruit (tiny quantities) and dairy.
    Never mind all the worry about a balanced diet- If there was a world wide famine tomorrow, I’d survive it! Take a vitamin! Take two!
    I try to have a little protein at each meal, and am not starving because the carbs are the little devils that promote hunger.
    Good Luck!

  4. Thanks “Littlepatti”

    I’ll keep your tips in mind, thanks for the support.

    Keep up the good work, seems like you have a good plan…and being prepared for world wide famine can’t hurt either.


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