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Bloggers Blogging on Dieting, Weight Loss, and Nutrition.

Posted by Catherine Morgan on June 8, 2007

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A Recipe For Weight Loss — by Catherine Morgan

I don’t know about you, but even though I know exactly what to eat and what not to eat, I still eat a bunch of stuff I know I shouldn’t. Since I really want to lose a few pounds, I recently started blogging once a week on my struggles and desires to “Take it Five Pounds at a Time“. I need all the motivation I can get with this venture to lose weight and eat healthy, so I looked through the BlogHer Blogrolls for some inspiration, and found a lot of it. For those of you also struggling with weight issues, I hope you can find some inspiration and ideas from these great blogs.

Join me in taking a look at some of the BlogHers blogging on diet and nutrition, I am going to introduce you to a dozen or so in this post. I also encourage you to check out the Health and Wellness BlogRoll where you can find many other great blogs.

Basil & Spice — Kelly (see her post on the introduction forum) like most of us struggles with the desire to eat delicious foods while trying to keep her weight down. She is a reviewer of books on diet, nutrition, health, and fitness – A recent post has Kelly reviewing Secrets of a Former Fat Girl.

Anna and Heather have a blog called Middle Age Shed, they say they are two fat ladies on a journey to losing 84lbs – with a great podcast along with it. I found a recent post on Carnival of Diet Tips, it has a lot of great information.

Here’s an interesting one – Livingrainbowcolor has beaten her binge eating disorder, now she’s using non-diet techniques to lose excess weight. Fourty pounds lost so far using Intuitive Eating. “What you put in your head is more important than what you put in your mouth.

Three Fats and a Skinny — 4 friends. Together they total over 800lbs. Diabetes & heart disease runs in their families. They want to get healthy. But they never seem to be able to stay motivated. Tune into their clever quips, philosophical ramblings, fleeting bursts of inspiration and their joint struggle to get to the title of “4 Skinnys and a String Bikini.”

The Fit Shack – JoLynn Braley is passionate about achieving and maintaining optimum health. After struggling with weight and food issues practically her entire life, she is intent on mastering these issues now, while at the same time, passing on to others the information and experiences she has gained.

The Diet Pulpit — We may not take ourselves too seriously around here, but we are serious about our work and strive to do our best to bring a light-hearted, tongue-in-cheek perspective to the otherwise drudgery of dieting and the quest for a healthier lifestyle, with witty humor and informative tidbits, that are (we hope) entertaining and useful to our readers.

Joanna’s Food — Delicious, quick, easy heart-healthy food, low in cholesterol, high in taste. The shock of a heart attack has jolted her into new eating habits – this blog is how she is attempting to eat delicious and interesting food which doesn’t take hours to prepare, but which cuts out most processed food and most saturated fat.

Melanie is a dietitian and has a blog called Dietriffic — She says…It’s our responsibility to look after our own health and I fully believe that good nutrition is the basis for good health! I hope you will continue to visit my site and take the first vital steps to better health and well-being.

Waisted in the Wasteland – Focusing on Weight Loss, Health and Nutrition from the Wasteland of Post-Katrina New Orleans, home of some of the best, unhealthiest food on the planet.

At GlowHealth — Three girls keeping track of their healthy living goals, including the bumps they encounter in the road toward a healthier lifestyle.

Far From The Fattening Crowd — Informative and easy-to-read blog dedicated to people who would like to take control of their health.

Some other BlogHer bloggers, blogging on weight and diet issues…


The Not-So-Sore Loser

Half of Me

Elastic Waist

Pure Reflection

Kathy Calculates

Mostly Eating

The Almost Vegan Project

A word about Diet Pills…

This is an article about another prescription diet pill…that will soon be available over-the-counter. Why You Should “Just Say No

There are a lot of great comments and links on this post over at BlogHer, check it out for even more inspiration.

Also see: I Hate Dieting


4 Responses to “Bloggers Blogging on Dieting, Weight Loss, and Nutrition.”

  1. Lady Rose said

    You know we have the wet noodles over here to whip you into shape if need be hehehe Setting small goals is a great approach! Lady Rose

  2. Hi Lady Rose — A wet noodle sounds good. Can I have it with Alfredo Sauce? Actually, I’m doing a little better this week. I’ll have an update tomorrow.

  3. carib102 said

    That is a great list of diet inspired blogs. What a source of motivation and inspiration (not to mention perspiration)

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    For some daily motivation today, I recommend that you check out a post by Catherine Morgan who has put together a list of weight loss related sites that she found…

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