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How You Can Find Peace and Happiness in Moments of Silence (with YouTube videos)

Posted by Catherine Morgan on June 27, 2007

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Where did the saying “I just want a little peace and quiet” come from? Obviously, from someone who understood that peace can only exist in silence. The noise of life is like a barrier that stands between you and peace. But, quieting the noise with silence can break down this barrier, and open the door to the peace that is within you.

Quieting your mind, for even just a few minutes a day, can make all the difference in the world. You can have a full day of work or family related stresses, but in a few minutes of stillness reclaim the peace that is sometimes lost in our stressful lives. Using a guided meditation can be very helpful with this process, and that is why I am including one at the end of this post for you to try.

As silence is the road to restoring our peace; peace is the highway to our happiness. You can have everything you ever wanted in life, but without peace you may still have trouble finding true happiness. Even if your life is very troubling or stressful, happiness and peace does not have to allude you, just find yourself some moments of silence. But, don’t take my word for it. Give it a try. Get yourself some peace and quiet.


TEN MINUTE GUIDED MEDITATION — Tip: If you would like to see this video on your full screen…..Click on the lower right corner of the video were it says YouTube……This will take you to the site, and then at the right lower corner of that video, you will see a square to click for you to get a full screen.


THE COLORFUL MEDITATIONFor meditation and stress reduction is 6 minutes of continuous highly complex computer generated kaleidoscopic imagery with an original New Age ambient music soundtrack….from











5 Responses to “How You Can Find Peace and Happiness in Moments of Silence (with YouTube videos)”

  1. Lady Rose said

    pssst you’ve been tagged as one of my ladies in waiting, stop by and check out the new castle. Lady Rose

  2. B.Ahmed said

    We were children in yester years, we are old in todays world.Life is momentary, yet we are deceived with thoughtless pleasure. We are addicted to immoral acts ,wine & gambling. oblivious the true purpose of life.
    We have lost our grand parents, parents & yet we are dancing with satanic spirit for selfish ego & pleasure.Many of us have no love for our own family members.
    Yes we ponder with sadness that we lost many opportunities in bygone days
    but what is gone, gone for ever .
    Time that is past,does not reappear.
    Wealth, Wealth & wealth: But wealth does not make us eternal!

    Let us ponder for a minute”What is our Soul”?
    Who are WE?
    What is truth?
    Is our life fake,momentary or eternal?
    Where our soul lives after death?
    Are we truly descendents of Apes?
    Were 124,000 Prophets told lies?
    Did Darwin know who he was?
    When was the advent of Human being in this earth?
    How Do we believe Biologists or earth Scientist telling the age of the universe?
    No proof, no truth, all based on imagination & conjecture!
    But for sure nothing made without purpose!
    The universe, the Moon,The stars, The Jins, The humanbeing!
    What is the purpose then?
    Are these all fictions, superstitions or reality!
    First reality:There must be a Maker! Muslims call HIM ALLAH,
    Christians call HIM” GOD” Jews call HIM”Ela hIM” Hindus call HIM”OM”,
    Shikhs Call HIM” OHEY GURU”
    Yes, IT is HE ” By what ever name call HIM” HE is the ONE & ONLY” the maker,the creator, the sustainer ,the Protector!
    Next Reality: What HE wants: HE took Covenant from Jinns all Souls of human being that they will only Prostrate before HIM alone, Glorify HIM alone & always remember HIM alone for HE has no partner, No wife, no Children!
    All souls Prostrated to HIM & agreed & begged to be shaped as human form to enjoy the earthly pleasure. so ALMIGHTY GOD created first man Adam! Then Adam felt lonely & prayed for a friend so ALMIGHTY GOD created
    EVE”HOWA” from Adma’s ribbs.
    IIblish was a Jinn(of bluish fire) but because of his Piety He associated with Angels & considered himself as Angel!
    Before the creation of Adam ,IIblish enticed all Angels to Implore to ALMIGHTY GOD that Adam will serve no purpose & therefore Humanbeing may not be created as none but Angels alone can glorify ALMIGHTY GOD.
    So ALMIGHTY GOD asked Angels to appear before a test of knowldge.
    Angels were defeated & Ibblish arrogantly became enemy of Adam .
    His arrogance sprang from his Free WiLLs bestowed to all by ALMIGHTY GOD. His name changed from IIblish to Satan.
    He then sought permission of GOD to misguide all humanbeing so that they can never enter in to Paradise again.
    Therefore we are ingulged in momentary enjoyment ablivious of the true purpose of our lives.
    Satan therefore enticed Cane to commit first murder,After the death of Adam , Satan persuaded Adam’s ancestors to worship the stone erected on the grave of Adam thus first Idolatory began.
    Then with the advent of 124000. Satan kept persuaded humanbeing to disobey ALMIGHTY GOD & destruction resulted by the wrath of ALMIGHTY GOD in Sodom near Oman, Egypt & Rome. The sins of humanbeing so acute that only a handful remembered ALMIGHTY GOD at the time of Prophet Noah & GOD
    caused the universal flood & a new generation was created from the family of Prophet Noah.
    All Nations had Prophets from GOD they all came with same message
    “Worship ALMIGHTY GOD alone” Be kind to others, respect Parents & elders, donot cheat, donot robb, live as a member of close family.
    Many Religious Scriptures were sent: These contain HOLY SPOKEN WORDS oF
    ALMIGHTY GOD” But Satan misguided the Priests & Leaders to change the words, In Vedh, Tora, Psalm, Bible & Men began Prostrating before their
    Presists & Idols. They forgot every thing :Sun,Moon, Stars are not GODS but created by ALMIGHTY GOD !
    ALL Scripture except the last Scripture”HOLY Quran “remain unchanged.
    Vedh Contain ” No Idol to be worshipped for there is only one ALMIGHTY GOD, Bible took Jesus as the son of GOD they ignored true teaching of Holy Jesus as evidenced in the Gospel of Barnabas.
    Jesus never proclaimed power of his own. He said he was the way for that time,His way not to himself but to Reach GOD alone.
    Then now misinterpretaion of Holy Quran some are killing innocent human beings.Closing Schools, disallowing women to receive education but HOLY Prophet guided all to travel even to non Muslim China to get education if its worthwhile. Women must cover up themselves respectfully , avoid immoral acts but must educate themlselves to judge between right & wrong.
    Islam forces none against seeking education. There is no force upon anyone to become a Muslim.Islam does not contain under Veil but in heart.
    Viel must not be worn for fear but for the love & repect & self guarding
    from evils.Not to carry guns under veil or steal in a shopping centre & conceal the goods under viels.
    We can hide no where from ALMIGHTY GOD.
    Holy Jesus LIke Holy Moses & Holy Mohammed fasted often Prostrated over hundred times a day as Muslims do for thats the only way to be submissive & pray to ALMIGHTY GOD alone.
    If Holy Jesus was equal partner of ALMIGHTY GOD He will never have bow down to ALMIGHTY GOD. He was not ALMIGHTY GOD but way to receive mercy of
    We are now peaceless ,frightened not of jungle animals but of our fellow humanbeing. We are cheated by our preachers, Leaders, friends, relatives,neighbours.
    We live in human jungles.
    Our peace is gone. How we seek peace, where to seek peace?
    With hugry heart, peaceless minds, we can never meditate.
    Let us therefore generate fellow feelings under the faith& banner of ONE ALMIGHTY GOD & seek help from ALMIGHTY GOD alone to enlight us & guide us
    to the path to find peace & happiness of this earth & for the world to come for there is no reincunation but resurection for the day of Judgement to give account for all our earthy action only before the one Creator of the Vast universe none BUT HE alone ! The ONE Supreme ruler of the UNIVERSE!
    Thank you,

  3. Cleary said

    Who used to be your superhero when you were a child?

  4. Islam is peace…

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  5. asperger autism…

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