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Ripple Through All Your Tomorrows…

Posted by Catherine Morgan on July 26, 2007

Ripple through all your tomorrows…
When you toss a flat stone across the surface of the water, it has the potential to bounce and skip along quite a distance. Ripples emerge from the water. The energy reverberates and continues above and below the surface, much further than the eye can see.

Similarly, our basic choices are packets of energy that shape the evolution of our lives. Some people direct energy to seek opportunities and choose to proactively develop themselves. They understand the law of purposeful action can influence desirable consequences. Other people don’t see connections between what they do now and what occurs later. They don’t reflect or ask why they make choices. These people may disregard consequences…

Whatever sort of person you are, the nature of your choices helps to predict your future. Karma tells us that every action has an equal and opposite reaction. You attract people and experiences into your life based on effects of your past. If you doubt your abilities, your will power, your dreams, this mindset may lead to what you perceive as failure. If however, you decide to believe in yourself and your potential, and exhibit self-confidence, this is like a summons for your visions of success.

You may have heard phrases like; “one good turn deserves another,” “reap what you sow,” and “after you make your bed, you must lie in it.” Such idioms assume each act or choice you make has implications. This helps us to recognize that everything you think, say and do, is connected with everything you have yet to think, say and do. Choices you make are also connected to choices made by people you know and don’t know. As you learn to take responsibility for your actions, you redefine commitment and understanding of who you are.

Choices begin in your subconscious mind. Life is all about raising awareness of what you have apparently forgotten. When it comes to your conscious choices, they tend to be influenced by conditioning, culture, beliefs and expectations. The decisions you make every day create your perceived reality. Your core values and priorities play a huge role in how you anticipate your like will unfold. How do you hope it will unfold from here?

If ‘who you are’ deep inside doesn’t love yourself, then you will behave in ways that allow you to experience a lack of love and appreciation. This sense of a lack may echo in your relationship choices, in your view of missed opportunities, in your sense of playing the role of victim. Ironically, this may cause you to do things to push away the very experiences that you desire or need. Yet, if, deep down, you are kind and considerate, and learn to value all that you are, then you will attract people and conditions that will reinforce these beliefs.

Ultimately, everything that happens to you as an individual, and everything that appears to happen around you, all link back to how you seek to know yourself. What do you wish to become? It’s up to you to realize whether you lie to yourself about your underlying hopes and aspirations or, if you’re blind to where you really are, what you really feel, and how blessed you really are right now.

Perception is like that stone that ripples across the surface of water. Changing your perception alters your experience. How you understand experience reveals how you view yourself. Knowing that anything you believe you need is accessible, means you will choose to sense opportunities for growth, self-expression and take steps which enable you to realize your potential.


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  1. tobeme said

    Very good article. Yes, our reality is created by us, by our perceptions. We are all creators of our own life. When we become aware of this, then we are taking the steps along the path of our purpose.

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