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This Holiday Season…Give The Gift of Green

Posted by Catherine Morgan on October 30, 2007

This is a post from Izzy Mom about giving reusable shopping bags as gifts…I think that sounds like a great idea. And if you are going to do it on a large scale (and buy more than 100), you can even have them personalized just like the supermarkets do (for as little as $0.99 each).

You know the holidays are coming up, right? And you KNOW what that means, right? Yep, shopping. Lots and lots of shopping. And lots of bags. Paper and plastic.

The paper bags from everyone in America buying groceries for Thanksgiving alone will probably set us back a few frillion trees and a lot of oxygen, ya know?

And then Christmas and Hannukah…more bags. Especially plastic ones from malls, department stores etc.

So I have this idea!

I’m suggesting that instead of, or perhaps in addition to a regular gift, that you give the gift of re-usable bags to your friends, family, kids’ teachers, the mailman, the lawn guy — anyone! Everyone!



4 Responses to “This Holiday Season…Give The Gift of Green”

  1. tobeme said

    Thanks for a very cool idea.

  2. Thanks “Tobeme”

  3. I also like this idea. Supermarkets in Australia and other countries now offer similar bags for purchase. The written slogan on each bag may be different, yet its encouraging that the desire to save the planet is increasingly widespread.

    As an aside, I like the idea that many people are buying fewer festive presents and choosing instead to make donations to their favorite charities or local food bank. Your intention behind spending money is also very powerful. Why you spend is just as influential on the workings of the Universe as “on what.”

  4. Здорово.

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