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Laura’s Twenty Five Days To Make A Difference

Posted by Catherine Morgan on December 3, 2007


A ten year old girl named Laura has started a blog for the purpose of making a difference, it’s called “Twenty Five Days To Make a Difference“.

Sometimes it takes a child to show adults the way, here are some of her wonderful ideas for making a difference.

You can read more about Laura’s project here.

*I also just came across a beautiful post by Jen Lemen in support of this young girl and her Twenty Five Days To Make a Difference.


8 Responses to “Laura’s Twenty Five Days To Make A Difference”

  1. Ah, so cute. Nice to see her before the real world grinds her under its heel and makes her just as cynical and bitter as the rest of us. Well us doesn’t include me of course. HA!

  2. Hey “Totaltransformation” — I think a person can be cynical (even bitter), and still want to make a difference in the world. I wish more kids had this degree of compassion for others…the world would certainly be a better place. 🙂

  3. Twenty Five Days said

    Thank you so much for visiting Laura’s site and for helping her out by posting to her here! She is very grateful, and so am I.
    Angela (Laura’s mom)

  4. No problem at all, I think what she is doing is very commendable.

  5. Catherine what a great find! It’s amazing how this has taken over the Web in such a short time, isn’t it. No small measure to tuned-in people like you.

  6. Thanks Cynthia. And thanks for the additional links you sent me too, I’ll check them out soon.

  7. tobeme said

    This is a great project! Thanks for sharing this site with us!

  8. Masenka said

    Good luck Laura! I hope you make a difference!

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