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Four Health Tips To A Longer Life

Posted by Catherine Morgan on January 10, 2008


Four Tips To A Long Life — by Catherine Morgan (cross-posted at BlogHer)

I was surfing the health and wellness news trying to decide what to post on tonight, and I came across this Reuters article… Four Health Changes Can Prolong Life 14 Years. Who wouldn’t want to prolong their life by 14 years?

So, would you make a “resolution” to make four lifestyle changes, if it would increase your life by 14 years? Better than a New Years Resolution, this would be a “Life Resolution”.

What are the four changes to a longer life?

1) Stop Smoking

2) Eat Five Servings of Fruits and Vegetables a Day

3) Exercise

4) Limit Alcohol Consumption

The lifestyle change with the biggest benefit was giving up smoking, which led to an 80 percent improvement in health, the study found. This was followed by eating fruits and vegetables. Moderate drinking and keeping active brought the same benefits…

Well, that seems pretty simple. While we’re on the subject, why not surf around for some other ways to live longer?

Reducing Stress is a good place to start…

There are few things that cause you more stress and worry than your weight. If you gained a few pounds over the holidays, don’t panic…..yet. According to an article (reprinted below) about a study published last November, people who are a little overweight actually live longer.

Could you live longer if you walked faster? Apparently so…

New research following 500 older people for nearly a decade found quicker walkers were less likely to die. Nine years after initial gait speed was measured, 77 percent of slow walkers had died, compared to only 50 percent of medium speed and 27 percent of fast walkers.

Here are Ten Tips For Aging Consciously and Successfully

As our population ages, our society is finally recognizing that old age is a gift. Despite some of the negative images in the media, it really is possible to embrace our elderhood as a creative and spiritual journey.

People who have aged successfully share common characteristics.

There is no question that most of our lifestyle choices are what will determine whether we age in good physical and mental health or fall prey to sickness and disability. Although it may be a cliché, moderation is the key in everything. By practicing moderation and following these ten tips, you too can be a “long-liver” and, more importantly, enjoy your elder hood in the process.

See the Ten Tips For Aging Consciously and Successfully

If those ten tips weren’t good enough for you, here are ten more — 10 Tips on How to Live Longer and Happier

Well, there you have it.

No excuses for not living longer now.

Contributing Editor Catherine Morgan
also at and The Political Voices of Women


7 Responses to “Four Health Tips To A Longer Life”

  1. claudefoo said

    says thank you for your four tips on staying health and breaking them down into smaller parts for me to digest. A great time to start as its the beginning of 2008. Regards

  2. tobeme said

    Great tips, thanks for sharing.

  3. Consider adding a fifth recommendation: drinking more water.

    The best part is that if your readers adopt all five suggestion the impact to their wallets will be minimal. Trading in cigarettes for fruit and vegetables is pretty much an even trade (financially speaking), going out for walks and doing pushups doesn’t cost anything, cutting back on alcohol will save them money, and drinking more water is a nominal expense… unless they want to overpay for certain bottled brands.

    Hope this gives your readers even more incentive to follow your great suggestions.

  4. Grampa Ken said

    Good tips! Epictetus had some good advice “We ought to be more concerned about removing wrong thoughts from the mind than about removing tumors and abscesses from the body.”

  5. I only wish people would educate themselves more on the less obvious health related topics. When talking about nutrition, there’s so much crap out there with all the calorie dense, trans fat filled and nutrient empty foods… Often it seems impossible to eat just healthy stuff when you’re not informing yourself carefully.

  6. […] good tips on living longer, one of my favorite bloggers, Catherine, has a good post on Health Tips for a Longer Life, on her blog Be the change you want to see in […]

  7. Did you know that health and wealth go hand in hand? When you feel your best you’re better equipped to use your money appropriately and improve your personal finances. Better health gives you energy, clarity of mind, confidence and a positive outlook on life, which in turn contributes to a better financial outcome for you. The result: a drastically improved quality of life. Don’t delay! Start living your dream life today!

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