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Movie: Lost Horizon (1937) – The Story of Shangri La

Posted by Catherine Morgan on July 26, 2008

This is a movie I remember watching when I was very young. I always thought it was called Shangri La.

Here is the movie in its entirety.

Lost Horizon (1937)


10 Responses to “Movie: Lost Horizon (1937) – The Story of Shangri La”

  1. storyofnadia said

    I just returned from the book store at our local library. After looking through their selections, I bought three books. One of them was “Lost Horizon.”
    I was on my lunch hour and had five mintues left when I returned to my desk, so I took a peek at your blog. There was “Lost Horizon.” How strange.

  2. The image from this movie sparks curiosity and re-ignites passion for magic. I understand why you relate the experience to a sense of the legend of Shangri-La. The mist leads onlookers to believe the place is shrouded in mystery.

  3. Debbie said

    I love this book and the movie. I actually have it on DVD. The quality is very poor and there are even skips in places. It was almost lost in the archives at the movie studio. Some brave sole salvaged what was left. Thanks for reminding me about it.

  4. Thanks Debbie. I would love to see a modern day remake of this film. It’s so relevant.

  5. Lucy said

    Hi, Catherine,
    I love the picture you have for Lost Horizon. Where did you get it? is it subject to copyright? How can I get the same picture with better resolution?

  6. Really Great Posting. Sorry English is not so good please accept my apology. I am from Turkey and don’t type English so well. I’ve bookmarked this posting. Thanks!

  7. Wow.. Nice post.. very use full information. thank you.

  8. Simon said

    The picture you have for Lost Horizon from the film “Sky Captain & the World of Tomorrow”

  9. Astrafiama said

    I spent a good deal of time in Nepal — mostly trekking — back in 1973. I realized then that the existence of Shangri La was (and, I hope, still is) perfectly plausible amid those gorgeous and still somewhat uncharted mountains. I would love to get back there!

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